Hi I’m Belinda, Owner of Belindashandbagsandaccessories.co.uk

I started selling online many years ago on Ebay selling off things I no longer wanted from my home. Slowly but surely I started buying handbags off suppliers and sometimes off friends and started selling those too. Over the years I wanted to compliment my little ebay store with accessories so bought lots of fashion Jewellery and then later womens scarves and hair accessories. In 2103 I branched out to selling on Amazon.co.uk and have a lot of stock with them at their warehouses. Having my own website has always been a dream of mine and after several failed attempts I now have one which is starting to flourish quite well. I even had an order placed today as someone saw something they liked on my Twitter feed.  Follow me on Twitter here

I live in Lancashire England with my husband and spend hours upon hours on the internet looking for new items to show you. All items tend to be below the £20 mark and start from as little as £1.99.

Thank you for dropping by and any questions, please feel free to contact me via my online form on my site. My web site

Belinda X


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