Ding dong Bel is back

Well I didn’t expect to start up again as an Avon rep but when my dad tagged me on facebook about an opportunity to earn some money online I took a peep. He hadn’t realised it was an ad for avon as he knew I had done it for approx 30 years and gave up when my mum passed away.

Things have changed slightly where people can order direct through my shop on avon where I still get the commission or I can go door to door and push brochures through people’s doors.

I have decided to do both . The door knocking is only in my local area as I don’t drive and up to now hasn’t been too bad. The only downside is not always getting the books back which us avon reps have to pay for and they aren’t exactly cheap.

I see the best selling SSS Skin so soft dry oil spray has had a revamp. It’s very popular for spraying onto your skin after a shower or bath and useful for holidays abroad to protect from mossies and insect bites. I even know people who use it on their pets and horses.

skin so soft dry oil spray avon

If you would like to see more lovely goodies from my avon shop please follow my shop link.