A Bit of Vintage yet so modern

Pity I wasn’t around in the 1950’s as I really like the Vintage style with the “Pin up ladies” Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. They always looked so glam, sexy and classy at the same time.

I see more and more young ladies now buying vintage fashion and it makes me smile that everything comes back eventually and I wonder what the next fad will be. In my teenage years I was into the 1970’s look with flares, wedge shoes and flick up hair like Farrah Fawcett. Then I went onto the punk scene as I was quite a shy person, this brought me out of my shell and I could hide behind “The Uniform”.

When I search for new stock I like to buy something which I think would suit everybodies wardrobe and budget depending on the trend at the time.

Here are a few vintage style accessories which I think are fun and affordable.

audrey hepburn in red clutch

Audrey Hepburn clutch £12.99

marilyn monroe clutch pouch bag

Marilyn Monroe clutch £12.99

white flower embossed top handle bag

White patent flower embossed vintage style handbag £12.99


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