Keep your hands off the chocolate

A few weeks ago when I was searching for someone to make me some business cards I thought I would look on twitter as I had seen several people promoting their sites on there. I saw something that caught my eye and taste buds and discovered a fab person who personalises small chocolates in wrappers. What  a great idea to entice people to view my site. I contacted Confites the name of the company who made them and sent some artwork over. As my web address is quite long it wouldn’t all fit on the wrappers so they made it fit as best as they could and to me it looked perfect. They look absolutely amazing and the turnaround was fantastic. I haven’t been tempted to eat them yet and not sure what I am saving them for, but I did give one out today in someone’s order so hope they enjoy it, drool, drool. It seems surreal seeing my name on the chocolate wrappers, it’s all quite a novelty.

Here is what they look like , do you agree they look amazing!

belindas chocolates

Here is some more of their work

campervan choccies confitesmarilyn chocciesflamingoes

To see more of this companies lovely work, click here Confites


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